“You Can Come Out Now: Erotic Lesbian Stories”

A captivating collection of erotic lesbian stories that will justify why love isn’t subjective… it’s real.

No matter their sexual preference, when two people fall in love, there’s a single purpose and destination at heart: Happiness. In You Can Come Out Now: Erotic Lesbian Stories, author S. R. Cooper explores the attitudes toward LGBTQ+ relationships in black America, seeking to change the narrative that has long dominated them in religion, family and even within themselves. Armed with a love for God and a heart of compassion, S. R. Cooper delves into the nuances of heterosexual relationships that exist in LGBTQ+ relationships too, although not always embraced or recognized by the mainstream.

“With an open mind, turn the pages of You Can Come Out Now: Erotic Lesbian Stories, and be prepared to see a new side of love without judgement or criticism. We don’t have to be bound by rejection, when love is here for us all.”
~ S. R. Cooper

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